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International Clients

AmazTravel welcomes guests from all over the world to join us. AmazTravel is an international company, which treats all clients with equal attention and concern. We are experienced in providing travel services for over 10,000 guests from many different countries every year. Our services include personal travel, business travel, exhibitions, group tours, hotel booking, ticket booking and more. While our headquarters are in Los Angles, we also have branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tibet, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Siem Reap, Bangkok, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Kathmandu, and Thimphu that can provide you travel services in English, German, Chinese, Spanish and French.

While you're overseas, we have staff available 24-7 for any sort of emergency. Due to the time difference, if you are located outside of the USA and Canada, we encourage you to use the Free Inquiry form to contact us, or send us an email directly. We quote all payments based on the USD, and accept the dollar as our main transactional currency. To avoid any visa hassles, please book in advance so we can ensure you receive necessary documents on time.

If you're not satisfied by our available products, please be sure to contact our travel advisor and they will help you create a custom travel experience.

Our local office managers around the globe welcome you! What are you waiting for? Come and join us!
Zhang China Zhang   China
Karolina Poland Karolina   Poland
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Phone Vietnam Phone   Vietnam
Puskar Nepal Puskar   Nepal
Om Cambodia Om   Cambodia
Jittima Thailand Jittima   Thailand

Early Bird Discount

If you book your trip with us, you will enjoy up to 10% early bird savings, The promotion can be used in conjunction to save your cash for your trip. Our primary concern is always quality and customer satisfaction. Despite these discounts, our service remains at its usual high standard.

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