It’s hard to be a young driver. With the price of housing, education, and the stress of landing a job with decent pay, living your best life can be tough!

So if you’re a P plater or under 25 years old, the last thing you need is to deal with the massive cost of owning or renting a car.

GoGet makes life way easier for thousands of young drivers like you. Read on for a legit comparison of your options between car rental, car ownership, and GoGet car share.

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A blue GoGet car with a Green p plate on it - GoGet is a great alternative to car rental for p platers

GoGet vs Car Ownership for young drivers

Getting a driver’s license is important, and it’s a must for lots of jobs. But owning a car is super expensive for young drivers and P platers, with insurance costing way more than for older drivers

Servicing and maintenance is also a drag, especially when you can only afford to buy an older car. Today, most of us don’t know how to do an oil change, check brake pads, or change a tyre (nor should you have to know). Unfortunately, these jobs can cost thousands when left to the mechanic – especially in older cars where stuff breaks more often.

But young drivers, ye need not despair. There is still a way to have the freedom that a car gives you, without the associated BS. GoGet car share offers hope!

What is GoGet?

GoGet is a car share service. Our 150,000+ members pay a small annual or monthly membership fee and get access to over 3,500 vehicles across Australia, generally parked on a street near their house. Think of it like Costco, but instead of cheap bulk groceries you get cheap hourly car usage.

Joining GoGet means you don’t need to own a car. That means more money for rent, food, and beverages. By paying for a car only when you actually need to drive one you avoid all the hidden costs of owning a car – most of our members save thousands of dollars a year.

More savings mean more money for rent, food, text books, or tasty beverages. More importantly, a GoGet membership gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, without the stress and hassle of car ownership.

“For a Uni student on a tight budget, GoGet vans were really helpful in moving-out, and hiring cars makes grocery shopping easy. Charging a flat rate per hour is a fair system, and having the opportunity to extend your booking without excessive charge makes GoGet an outstandingly flexible product. No complaints – thank you for making life easier.”
JAG, Product Review

Car share vs car ownership: A cost comparison

We’ve done the numbers on the cost of owning a car against using GoGet for a typical 21 year old with a full license. This is on GoGet’s discounted Student plan, and doesn’t even include the cost of buying a car – add a few grand to the ownership column for that!

 GoGetCar Ownership
Comprehensive InsuranceFree!$2,458*
CTP InsuranceFree!$528**
Roadside AssistFree!$110
Cost of FuelFree!$257
Servicing and TyresFree!$144***
Booking Fees$1,420N/A
Kilometre Charge$288N/A
Yearly Total$1,743$3,769
Monthly Total$145$314
* From Canstar research ** From ABC *** From RACQ
Assumptions: Typical use of 2 x 4 hour booking and 1 x day booking per month, 10 kilometres per hour and 100 kilometres per day. Based on a Toyota Corolla in NSW.


And remember – that’s before the cost of buying a car! RACQ estimates the total cost of a new Corolla is around $8,014 per year, including repayments, interest on a 5 year plan, and depreciation. With GoGet, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

GoGet can also be great if you already have access to a car. 21% of our members use us instead of owning a second car, so we’re a perfect addition to the occasional use of the parents car.

If you’re keen to unlock the freedom of a car for less money and effort, you can see our pricing here. If you’re a student, our discounted student plan can save you even more!

GoGet vs car rental for P platers

Ok, so we’ve convinced you that GoGet is a great alternative to car ownership. But what if you, a young driver or a p plater, just needs a car for a little while?

Well, if you do a google search for car rental for p platecar hire for p platers, or p plate car rental, you’ll find it really difficult to find competitive car rental rates (aka, you’ll get stooged). That’s assuming you find a company that will rent you a car in the first place!

The fact is, GoGet is a better way to hire a car for young people. Let’s find out why.

Can P platers rent a car?

Yes, you can rent a car with P plates, but it’s hard. At a minimum, a P plate driver will need to have been driving for a year by themselves before they can rent a car – that’s all we ask for at GoGet. More often, car rental companies only let Green P Platers rent a car (depending on your state). Some car rental companies have a strict rule against P platers renting cars at all. We think that’s pretty unfair.

 GoGetNo BirdsHertzAvis
L Platers✔️
Red P platers✔️
Green P platers✔️✔️
Under 21 year olds✔️✔️
*No Birds will charge an extra fee for green P Platers **To rent from No Birds, you must be 20 years old

At GoGet, we don’t mind if you’re a P plater, we’ll let you hire our cars under a few conditions. You can find those requirements at the end of this article.

Cost of GoGet vs Car rental for young drivers

By signing up to GoGet, you join a network of car share members, who use us to replace owning a first or second car, replacing traditional car rental at the same time.

That means GoGet has more reliable revenue than car rental companies, which makes our rates way more competitive – especially for shorter bookings.

Here’re the numbers for a 4 hour trip for a 21 year old driver on their full license.

 GoGetNo Birds
Membership/Age Charge$2.92*$20
Booking Fee$28.12$49

*Based on $35 annual GoStudent membership, with 12 bookings per year

Assumptions: 4 hour booking in a Corolla with 10 kilometres travelled each hour

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“Good customer service, helpful and understanding. Good payment options, simple and reliable. Great variety of vehicles! A very good option for students and young people.”
Nehal, Product Review

Car rental made easier with GoGet

So, whether you join GoGet to replace owning a car, or to replace renting a car when you don’t have access to one, GoGet will probably save you money. Plus, you’ll have access to way more cars than most car rental fleets, including vans, SUVs, and convertibles!

But there’s also the time and effort factor. GoGet has cars all over Australia’s biggest cities, including the suburbs, so there’s probably one near you. That means you don’t need to travel to a car rental location to pick a car up.

And unlike car rental, you won’t need to go through a long booking/pick-up/drop-off process each time you need a car. Just sign-up, make a booking in 2 minutes on the app, then tap into a car!

A female young driver smiling in a convertible sports car with red leather interior, red like her P plates on the rental car she's driving

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Young Drivers Frequently Asked Questions:

A Learner driver's L plate coloured in GoGet orange.Can I hire a car as a learner?

Yes, learner drivers can drive learner approved GoGet cars by being added as an additional driver of a GoGet member. That member needs to be 25 years or older and be on the GoFrequent or GoOccasional plan.

Learner drivers can be any age, but they need to live at the same address as the account holder. Learner drivers also need to be supervised by a fully licensed driver at all times. For more information, head to our GoGet learner page.

Additional Costs:

There’s a $25 fee to register a learner driver on an account. During bookings, learners attract a $2 per hour surcharge, up to $18 a day. If there’s an accident during a booking, the damage cover liability is $4,000. If the driver is not at fault, or if the cost of repair is lower, the difference will be refunded.

Can I hire a GoGet car on my P plates?

Yes, provisional drivers can drive GoGet cars, but there are a few restrictions.

Red P platers:

First year P platers can be registered as an additional driver in the same way learner drivers can, with the same restrictions. The costs are also the same as learners, with a $4,000 damage cover liability and an $2/hour additional booking surcharge.

All other P Platers:

If you’re under 18 years old you will need to be an additional driver on an existing GoFrequent or GoOccasional account.

If you are over 18 years old and have 1 year’s unsupervised driving experience and a clean driving record, you’re eligible for your own GoGet account! We won’t charge you any extra booking fees, although you won’t be able to elect for our reduced liability option.

Which GoGet plan is right for me?

Every driver is unique, so the right plan for you will depend on your individual situation. But we can offer a little guidance.

If you’re a student, your best bet is to sign up to GoGet’s student plan. For just $35 a year you’ll have access to 3,000+ cars for some of our lowest rates. That includes hatchbacks, SUVs, Vans, and even convertibles!

If you’re not a student, you’ve got a few more options. If you only need a van, our GoVan plan gives you access to over 400 vans with no ongoing or upfront fees. If you want access to the whole fleet, try GoStarter if you’re only going to use GoGet every few months, but sign up to GoFrequent if you plan to use GoGet more often.

What kind of trips can I make in a GoGet?

GoGet suits all kinds of round-trips:

  • If you need a car to go to the shops, GoGet!
  • If you need to drive to a friend’s place for a get-together, GoGet!
  • Planning on a run to the beach this weekend? GoGet!
  • Need a van to move house or get a big purchase home? GoGet!

Can I hire a GoGet car if I’m under 18?

Yes, you can book a GoGet car if you’re under 18. However, you will need to be an additional driver on an existing GoFrequent or GoOccasional account where the main account holder is 25yrs+. 

Does it cost more to hire a GoGet car if I’m under 25?

If you’re a learner, under 18 years old or have less than 1 year’s independent driving experience, we will charge an additional $2 per hour (max $18/day). There’s also a one time fee of $25 to add an additional driver to either a GoFrequent or GoOccasional account (details above).

If you are a learner, under 18 years old or have less than 1 year’s independent driving experience you cannot elect for our reduced liability option. In the case of an accident, your damage cover will be $4,000. Otherwise, we won’t charge you any extra if you’re under 25 years old.

Details of GoGet’s liability rates can be found here.


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