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Private Tours

AmazTravel is a multinational organization, catering especially to American and Canadian travelers, as well as many more nationalities. We understand that some travelers do not like to be consigned to the agenda of a general group tour, therefore we also provide an affordable and economic travel option for private tours.

Whether it is one person, a family, a group of friends, a company, a school, we give you the option to plan a trip accordingly. We welcome you to browse our already planned itineraries and you can add your own desires to it by submitting your travel information to our travel experts. We will strive to give you an affordable and desirable option.

If you do not choose any of our itineraries than we also can provide a personalized itinerary, all you have to do is tell us what you want from the vacation and AmazTravel's travel experts will make a customized trip that more than meets your expectations. Now please start creating your own trip >

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